Our Services


Our Architects and supporting Draftsmen have been working on various Healthcare, Retail, Commercial & Residential building design & drafting work for many Design & Build GC’s, Architects across the Globe. With a good understanding of the Global codes, we deliver design drawings which can comply to Client specific drafting standards or universal drafting standards. In-house BIM capabilities compliment these services by adding better design coordination, estimation & visualization support.


Each contractor build as per his choice of materials, labour and most of them do not even know about Architecture or Structural Engineering. Construction only if all contractors follow same specifications, and Engineering standards which never happen.Technical drawings and construction is monitored on a daily basis you cannot ensure that a contractor looking for profit will do a quality work satisfying engineering standards.We are builders with constructive ideas & techniques.

Interior & Exterior

We understand how much you value your living space. That’s why we want to ensure that your living space resemble your character and taste. Our team of interior and exterior designers helps you design your home according to your style. The furniture, the bedroom design or the interior and exterior painting of drapes, our experts will help you create a beautiful ambience of your choice.If you are looking for the best commercial or residential interiors and Exteriors in Kerala, you should not have second thoughts about Active Designs.


Renovation of building is needed and carried out to restore the structural deterioration & damages. Our firm is specialising in all facets of structural strengthening, waterproofing & chemical coating, as well as renovation related any engineering & consulting services.


We are ready to act as technical consultants, also can provide technical services including the selection of vendors, , material supply and manpower for smooth running of your construction project or any other Engineering/Management related activity.